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Scape Easy - Wood chippings & compost

Scape Easy offer a great range of wood chippings and compost to our customers throughout West Sheffield and its surrounding areas.

Local garden supplies for local gardeners

Our products are of the very highest quality ensuring fantastic results for your home and garden every time. To find out more about our range of compost and wood chippings and to see what we can offer you please visit our contact page for a full range of contact options.

We are so much more than just a landscape gardening business. Our services and skill set go well beyond what you would normally expect from our industry, which is why our customers choose Scapeasy time and time again.

Below are some examples of our pricing structure.

Wood Chippings Pricing
The environmentally friendly way to suppress weeds.
1 Bag . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5.00
5 Bags or more £4.00 (per bag)

100 Litre Bags

Compost Pricing

Compost Choice 1
Manure based for digging into enrich the soil, or top dressing
40 Litre Bag £4.00

Compost Choice 2
Fine texture for Potting, Sowing, Rooting cuttings etc.
40 Litre Bag £5.00


Scapeasy Landscape Gardening Sheffield

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Still need convincing about Scape Easy's landscaping services? Here's three of the top reasons you should choose us!

  • Scapeasy Landscape Gardening Sheffield

    Scape Easy's Experience

    Scape Easy is a business built on the foundations of family. Generations of  our ancestors have helped us gain the landscaping experience needed to produce the top notch work our customers love today!

  • Scapeasy Landscape Gardening Sheffield

    Our Integrity

    Scape Easy care deeply about our work and the happiness it brings to our clients, it's what makes our business tick. We are absolutely committed to customer satisfaction and it is this, and of course our skill, that has established Scape Easy as the one of our areas premier landscaping companies.

  • Scapeasy Landscape Gardening Sheffield

    Price Guarantee

    Scape Easy don't claim to be the cheapest company in the landscape gardening business as we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we supply and how we deliver our work. However what we can say is that if it's quality you are looking for then we guarantee our price will be hard to beat!

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